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Active Component

YIHENGXIN Electronics is a leading electronic components distributor for a wide range of active components like Microcontrollers, Amplifiers, ADC and DAC converters, Clock & Timing devices, Data devices, Diodes, Embedded Devices, Interface, Logic Read More →

Passive Component

YIHENGXIN distributes a comprehensive set of passive electronic components to manufacturers across sectors and applications. We have the resources and tie-ups to source high quality, reliable, robust and high-performance electronic compone Read More →

Wireless / GPRS Module

GSM/GPRS Modules are the next generation solution for modern day cellular applications. With compact designs, and innovative features, these chips can make wireless transmission a lot more convenient. These modules are also beneficial for applications rel Read More →

Integrity, pragmatism, professionalism, efficiency

We focus on the right things .we do business the right way,We know you need fast access to quality parts at competitive prices,
We are always looking for the right one which you want to buy ,and That's exactly what we do
Purchase from us that really is so-called time-saving is free from worry economizes reduces effort


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Global customers


Original authentic

Original authentic

we firmly believe that only by obtaining sources from authorized suppliers with enhanced quality test could it be safe and reliable.

Help you to buy the spot easily

Help you to buy the spot easily

Yihengxin has more than 6+ years experience in this field and knows the importance of time.Help you to buy the spot easily

Rich categories

Rich categories

Cooperate with global famous brand electronic component manufacturers, and you can choose from a wide variety

120 day warranty

120 day warranty

We guarantee our parts are 100% new & original!2 hours quotation、24 hours shipment、120 days warranty.

Fast delivery

Fast delivery

We guarantee we will arrange shipment in 24 hours after order confirmation and customer will get goods in the fastest time.

Agent preferential price

Agent preferential price

Global first-line brand agent dealers Hihengxin Electronics is able to provide competitive offers from all over the world.


Globally present locally oriented

YIHENGXIN international team supports requirements and local needs of customers. Through wide experience and strong connections with reliable sources YIHENGXIN is able to provide competitive offers from all over the world.

We deliver what we promise

Quick decision-making process, clear communication and on-time performance are main pillars in beneficial and transparent collaboration with customers and suppliers. Financial independence gives an ability to secure stock for further client's needs.

Your trustworthy Partner

Long term cooperation is a core focus in daily business of the company. Nowadays electronic market is extremely dynamic; therefore, YIHENGXIN does not compromise in quality and standards in order to support business partners in their future growth. 

Committed to Service

Years of global experience resulted in high-quality service. This helps to eliminate various issues that might occur. Presence in different time zones allows to work promptly on every individual requests 24 hours per day.
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All parts we sell are original. 30,000+ part numbers in stock. Contact us to get more details.


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